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Currently, we only accept online orders. In the near future, we are expecting to expand in scale and switch to physical stores. Our chocolate will soon be available for purchase on Amazon and online platform. Please follow us on Instagram @ketobabechocolateofficial to have the latest updates and random vouchers giveaway!


All of our chocolate are made from bean to bar by hands. They are all handcrafted to perfection. Every single flavour has its recipe tested for literally more than a hundred times. Making chocolate with diabetes friendly sweetener is way trickier than using the old fashion sugar. Each sweetener comes with its own pro and cons. This is why we use a variety of sweeteners to achieve an overall pleasant taste and texture on our chocolate, without sacrificing much on the taste itself.

The typical shell life for chocolate bars is around 3 months, counted from the day they are dispatched for delivery. The shelf life for our chocolate bonbons is much shorter, around 6-7 weeks. This is because we don't use any preservatives in any of our products. All of our products have been sent to an up-to-standard lab in United Kingdom, to ensure they are safe to eat, with the estimated shelf life we mentioned. 

Please be aware that since we use erythritol in our chocolate, some people might experience an odd cooling sensation on their throat after consumption, which is completely normal and it's nothing to be worried about. Some people will never sense this at all whereas others are just more sensitive to this sensation. This is a small compromise we have to make to make our chocolate truly diabetes friendly.


You might find some chocolate in the market that is claimed to be "sugar-free" and "diabetes friendly" when they are made with maltitol or xylitol. But these claims are very misleading as both can raise blood glucose level significantly, same as sugar, but to a lesser degree. Erythritol is one of the very few sweeteners that has a glycemic index of 0. 


You are well-assured that all of your account information is safe with us. We would never share your information to a third party.

If you ever find an issue with the chocolate we sell, please feel free to contact us. We value a lot on our customers' feedback, even if they are negative ones. Your satisfaction with our chocolate and quality of service is one of our main concerns.


If you are interested in reselling our chocolate bars with bizarre unique flavours, please feel free to fill in the Contact form.

If you are making a bulk order, we are more than happy to offer you a discount.


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