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From Bean To Bar

For every single chocolate bar or bonbon we offer, we make it from scratch. That means for a 70% dark chocolate bar, we will first set off with roasting the cocoa beans, then proceed to the winnowing, removing all the husk of the cocoa beans. We will then use the cocoa nibs to make our own chocolate.

Making chocolate from scratch is a very time-demanding process. We will grind the cocoa nibs and sweetener for 48-72 hours, making sure the end-product only has a particle size of 20 microns or less. This is to ensure the chocolate will all melt into one when you put it into your mouth.

After the grinding is done, we will have to temper the chocolate to make sure it has the ideal molecular structure, so the chocolate bar will have a high melting point, making it stable at room temperature. Well-tempered chocolate has a natural shiny look to it.

About Our Leather

Our Flavours

Ketobabe Chocolate offers the largest number of flavours in the world. Not only are they guilty-free, some of the flavours are also quite exotic. 

Matcha white chocolate is one of our favourites. We only use high-quality authentic matcha powder that is made at the heart of Kyoto. Just 100g of this matcha powder costs up to £20. We would never sacrifice the quality of our goods in exchange of a lower cost. We believe the taste speaks for itself.

The unique taste of green chlorophyll in this hand-picked matcha powder is a match made in heaven with the milky taste of white chocolate. Just one bite, and you won't be able to let go of the chocolate bar.

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