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At the moment, we ship our products to any address in the United Kingdom, and some selected countries in the world. The shipping cost will be calculated on the page of checkout. If your order has a value of £50 or above, we will offer free shipping in UK.


All orders will be dispatched within 3 working days after you have placed your order. We will always send you a confirmation email with a tracking link, once the order has been dispatched. 

If for any unforeseeable reasons, the parcel is lost during transit, or there is no update on the delivery progress on the tracking link, for more than a week after being dispatched, we will send out a full replacement as soon as possible.


Sometimes, the original parcel will show up in a week or two. In that case, please keep both parcels, and there's no need to send the parcel back to us. If you like our keto chocolate, it would mean the world to us if you can spread the word for us!


If we cannot provide certain items listed in your order, we will send an email to you and a refund for that item will be issued as soon as possible. It may take a few working days to have the amount be reverted to your bank account, depending on the processing time of your bank.

Please note that there is a last dispatch date for holidays like Christmas, for all post offices in United Kingdom. If you place an order after the last dispatch date, the order won't be able to be delivered to you in time.


We package all of our chocolate bars in sealed transparent plastic bags. If the chocolate you receive from us clearly have problems with food safety, please take some photos, and send them to us. As long as the seal of the plastic bag has not been broken and a photo is sent to us as evidence, we would accept returns and issue a full refund.


We will send you a postal label for you to return the faulty items to us. Upon receiving the return, we will either issue a full refund for that particular item, or send you a replacement, depending on which option you prefer.  

We are afraid we simply cannot accept requests for a refund if it's because of the minor scratches on the chocolate. We do our best to protect the chocolate with bubble wrap and corrugated boxes. It would be very difficult for our business to survive if we accept every request to exchange bars with minor scratches.

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