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The Origin

It started from a simple quest for guilt free white chocolate.


One of our founders has a family history of diabetes. She has witnessed the profound effects of sugar on her dad. It was a love-hate relationship. He would be so angry at himself for not being able to control his binges on chocolate, even though the doctor told him if his blood glucose level still had not improved, his vision would be impaired. 

She thought to herself, "Why should we feel so ashamed and guilty for eating something as simple as chocolate? It should never be this way."

As there were already many dark chocolate bars with relatively low sugar on the market at the time, she made it her quest to make her own white chocolate with no added sugar, that are specifically designed for people with diabetes.

Very soon, she found herself not only making white chocolate, but also green matcha chocolate, purple ube chocolate, gold caramelised chocolate, etc. It's a freaking rainbow. 


Our Belief

Ketobabe Chocolate represents everything we believe in. It offers chocolate in every colour and flavour you can imagine. The sky is the only limit. Nothing is impossible.


We source our ingredients all over the world, from matcha powder from Kyoto, to ube powder from Philipines, to cocoa beans from Peru. We want this to be a brand that symbolises inclusiveness and endless possibilities. We want to give chocolate a new definition.

A new chocolate, a chocolate with no guilt.

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